Antecedents, Achievements and Challenges of the Spanish 15M Movement

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2012 Tomás Alberich Nistal / Universidad del País Vasco - Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea

Historical antecedents of the sociopolitical participative movements in Spain since the early seventies of last century. Though without trying to be very exhaustive, we will present some of the social movements which have used methods and action strategiesthat, by their form or contents, we can considerer as a precedent of the ones used by the present protest movements that we denominate collectively as “indignados” - indignez-vous movement”, indignant movement, or “15M movement” (the plural-internationaland restrictive-national versions respectively). Emergence of the 15M movement: differences and similarities with historical and modern social movements. Achievementsand failures of the 15 Movement. Some of the consequences that have affected thedemocratic political system and more specically the social movements, trade unionsand left winged parties. Future scenarios and challenges.