How Occupy Wall Street Really Got Started

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2011 Andy Kroll / Mother Jones

[Tema 2: Relaciones entre protestas y movimientos por todo el mundo: OWS, 15M, Tahrir, otros...]

Artículo que trata entre otras cosas la influencia del 15-M en la aparición del Occupy Wall Street.

«Months before the first occupiers descended on Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, before the news trucks arrived and the unions endorsed, before Michael Bloomberg and Michael Moore and Kanye West made appearances, a group of artists, activists, writers, students, and organizers gathered on the fourth floor of 16 Beaver Street, an artists' space near Wall Street, to talk about changing the world. There were New Yorkers in the room, but also Egyptians, Spaniards, Japanese, Greeks. Some had played a part in the Arab Spring uprising; others had been involved in the protests catching fire across Europe. But no one at 16 Beaver knew they were about light the fuse on a protest movement that would sweep the United States and fuel similar uprisings around the world.»