PhotoStatic 12: July 1985

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1985 AA. VV. /

Frequent contributor and loyal supporter Steve Harp suggested the theme for this issue, and f. c. and l. s. Miekal And did graphics for the cover.

Harp also contributes a pair of collages that occupy full spreads at the opening of the issue. Other significant pagination is given over to graphics by the editor (i.e., yours truly), and also to a text by one Jon McKenzie, about whom little is known. (His work was first brought to our attention by then Iowa-Citian Bonnie Sparling, an early contributor.)

Single page contributions are provided by other loyal supporters, including Steve Perkins, Joel Lipman, Minóy, and others, making up a collection of works that very loosely (if at all) follow the stated theme. (Not that the stated theme ever mattered so much in these pages; we always ran with whatever good work was available to us at any given time.)