PhotoStatic 23: April 1987

Dominio público Libro, publicado en papel o digital. En bookcamping
1987 AA. VV. /


This issue contains a number of interesting pieces, and a glance at the credits page reveals that our contributor base was, in this period, quite international, with submissions from Mexico, Uruguay, Poland, Italy and Belgium, as well as the to-be-expected USA and Canada.

The opener is a poetry-collage work by Patrick McKinnon, and later on, there appears a series of strikingly off-kilter compositions by Zen Sutherland. Further still, there is a collection of visual poetry collages by César Espinosa, and R.K. Courtney contributes one of his signature psuedo-vérité texts. The usual suspects from Madison are present in force, with submissions by Miekal And, Aquatics Ever Tarnish, and Ybrigor Moss making the cut. A block-cut print by Piotr Szyhalski also graces the collection, among contributions by many others, as well as the usual editorial content.