PhotoStatic 25/26: August 1987

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1987 AA. VV. /


This issue falls in one of yearly numbering deviations to which the series was prone, comprising in this instance a massive double issue of over a hundred pages. In addition to that, readers were also treated to the noteworthy augment of a series of 20 artist post cards interspersed throughout, a large-format photocopy poster, and a “stamp grab-bag” of postage stamps from around the world.

The post card collection was assembled from both editor-requested works and routinely submitted works that happened to fit the format, roughly four by six inches. John Held, Jr., a mail artist living in Texas, accepted shipment of the finished card stock press sheets, with the mission running them through his perforating machine so that the cards could easily and neatly torn out and mailed. After perforating, he returned the sheets to Iowa for assembly and binding.

Too many artists took part in this issue for me to justify singling any of them out, and so I leave the list at the end of this page to speak for itself. The editor is indebted to all their efforts, and grateful for their willingness to trust their expressions to my hands.