PhotoStatic 30: May 1988

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1988 AA. VV. /

Unfinished Symphonies

This is the third issue to continue the layout experiment begun some months earlier, and it remains faithful to that impulse (which will become clear in future past issues in the present electronic series). It consolidates, and perhaps brings to an apex, the series’ tendency to treat submissions as material for graphic improvisation by the editor.

We asked contributors to offer their unfinished works, and they did. The first dozen pages of the issue consist of our compositions using these contributions as source material, the results appearing on the top two-thirds of each page, while the bottom third displays the current issue of Retrofuturism, no. 3; a “separate” but attached publication edited (nominally) by the Tape-beatles.

In addition to more complete, attributable works by John Stickney, Philippe Billé, Thom Metzger, among others, this issue presents a major graphic series by Piotr Szyhalski, entitled “Alternative Medicine,” sure to dazzle and horrify you.

Along with all that are the usual views and reviews you’ve come to expect from this publication.