PhotoStatic 30½: May 1988

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1988 AA. VV. /

Rejects Supplement

The idea of a “Rejects Supplement” to the regular bimonthly series was the direct result of our knee-jerk egalitarianism, seeking to counteract the notion that there was some was an individual taste, with all the shortcomings that this implies, necessarily limiting the range of works that could be included in the publication. Our attempt to remedy this comprises this issue. A guest editor (visual poet Crag Hill) was invited to review the works rejected by Lloyd Dunn (the usual editor) in an effort to present some of the (also) good works that had inevitably been overlooked due to differences in taste, or possibly for the more banal reason of lack of space. Seeing as how it is a single issue, of course, this counteracting was of little more than token importance. Nonetheless, it preserved for public view a selection of twenty-odd submissions that otherwise might never have seen the light of day, at least on these pages.

Pairing it with an “Unfinished Symphonies” issue, which was improvised from fragments of work that might otherwise have languished without ever being completed, seemed only logical.