PhotoStatic 34: February 1989

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1989 AA. VV. /

Detournement Issue

This issue was set aside to explore the then-new-to-us technique of detournement, where radical content shared space with mundane form. The idea (as espoused by Debord and others) was to bring truth to the masses in a manner that they would be willing to give attention to. The collection of works included in this issue by turns hews closely, and veers wide of, the mark. And in so doing, it reflects the range of contributors and mindsets that the PhotoStatic project had amassed by this point, some six years into the series.

Lang Thompson’s “funnies” hit some key notes for the issue, as they continued to do in further output. An early appearance of the concept of the “information virus” makes an appearance in the guise of a call for works put out by Jonathan Prince. In addition, the “Art Strike 1990-1993” meme, so ably spread by the likes of Stewart Home and others, also makes a prominent appearance.

Thad Metz loaned us a collection of detourned adverts by anonymous creators, which appear in several places in the issue, and some fine moments appear in the form of works by Dadata, Joel Score, Paul Weinberg, John Stickney, and others. The usual inclusion of columns by Miekal And, Brad Goins, Thomas Wiloch, and others; and reviews of audio and print works, complete the selection.