PhotoStatic 35: April 1989

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1989 AA. VV. /

Copy Culture

The present title takes its theme from the propensity we had at the time to lionize the act of duplication, seeing in it various metaphors ranging from the biological to the cultural.

In support of this theme, Ralph Johnson and Chris Glomski offer their significant contribution, in the form of a small booklet or journal, which they called “The Recombinist”, taking as its stance that of pastiche, and as its substance, recombinant texts made up of fragments of previously “finished” texts they found. (It should be noted that these writings helped to clarify the mission of The Tape-beatles during the making of their most popular work Music with Sound, released the following year.)

Also appearing is a major interview with Karen Elliot concerning the Art Strike 1990-1993 conducted by Scott MacLeod. Editor Lloyd Dunn submits for your approval a series of full-page collages, and Piotr Szyhalski, then still living in Poland, provides a series of visio-verbal graphics on the theme of “Completeness”.

The usual corps of columnists, Miekal And, Geof Huth, Thomas Wiloch, among others, offer their insights into various and interesting cultural issues. Graphic submissions by artists such as Malok, Chris Winkler, David Dunlap, and John Stickney, to name just a few, serve to round out the issue.