PhotoStatic 40: December 1989

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1989 AA. VV. /


This issue, one of three to arrive at subscribers’ mailboxes in the same envelope, forms the text core of the triple issue that marked the end of PhotoStatic as we then knew it.

The brilliant mail art humorist Al Ackerman offers the total hoot of “Rotational Situationism: ‘Levi-Strauss’ Style”, which is in turn counterweighted by the scholarly gravity of Harry Polkinhorn’s “On Difficulty in Verbal Visual Art’. Additionally, an obscure, and prescient, article written by Edgar Allen Poe entitled “Anastatic Printing” lays out a technology not unlike xerox a century before it came into being.

Contributors Eric Harold Belgum, Géza Perneczky, Bob Grumman, Geoff Huth, and others, continued to make their contributions to the project, as well.