Retrofuturism 14: January 1991

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1991 AA. VV. /

One Year Into the Art Strike

This being January 1991, the Persian Gulf War loomed large in the minds of contributors, and was extensively reflected in the works that appeared in this issue. The works range from Steve Perkin’s opening text ‘Desert Storm’, to graphics by Eleutheros Productions, and on to a report on the activities of the Aggressive School of Cultural Workers that centered around their anti-Gulf-War art exibit ‘Lies in the Sand’ held in Iowa City that month.

Less particular to that moment, but no less apt, was the art-satyrical text ‘State of the Art for Today’s Artist’ by the Bureau of Control and its accompanying and amusing comic strip. (Additional works of comic detournement appeared in this issue as well, the form being all the rage at that moment.)

Al Ackerman, whose welcome deflation of the proceedings through humor were always eagerly absorbed by our readership, contributed ‘The Magic of Bigamy (An Alternative to Art Strike)’. As we previously warned, Art Strike 1990-1993 makes appearances in other works, and in letters and commentary that make up this issue.

Graphics that meld language and pictures in new ways, Tape-beatle News, reviews of printed and audio works, and numerous ads for similar projects and announcements, make up the remainder of the selection assembled for your delectation.