Retrofuturism 15: August 1991

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1991 AA. VV. /

The Photocopier as a Moral Dilemma

The Art Strike (1990-1993) continues to enjoy its long run as a potent topic for debate in this issue. Many in the Dialog section express distaste for the tiresome back and forth, but, running the series backward as we are, you, the new reader of this series, should expect and be prepared for more to come.

Issue responds in part to the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, among other issues. In this regard, the Bureau of Public Secrets offers up the essay The War and the Spectacle. Beyond that, a substantial portion of pagespace is given over to Netlinks: International Networking Year, a proposal by mailartists for a series of Decentralized Worldwide Networking Congresses to be held during the following calendar year. A variety of mailart luminaries weigh in with their opinions and thoughtful musings on the proposal.

Other items include essays by Ben G Price (‘The Epistemology of Eschatology’), Barney Rubble (‘Confessions of a Posterist’) and Eliza Blackweb (‘A New York Experience’), among others. Not to mention the numerous reviews of cassettes and printed pieces, and contributed graphics that readers have come to expect.