Retrofuturism 16: March 1992

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1992 AA. VV. /

One World One Virus

Not unusually, media critiques form the core of this dispatch. Negativland files a report detailing their views on the Island Records vs. SST/Negativland case over the provocatively named recording U2. The Immediast Underground’s contributions include plans for liberating us from the ‘ecology of coercion’ by turning the force of the media spectacle back on itself.

It is fair to say that plagiarism is on everyone‘s mind, judging from the contributions of Steve Perkins (in a guest editorial entitled ‘Plagiarism: The Bastard Child’) and Mark Palmer (an essay entitled ‘Plagiarism: The Truth in Doubling’). The Copyright Violation Squad also makes an appearance in support of Negativland, offering to make copies their suppressed ‘U2’ recording to all who send in a blank tape. And the League of Disdainists weigh in with a satirical ‘Cultural Survey’ on Mail art.

Graphics and text contributions by an international cast of artists, as well as columns and reviews by the usual contributors, such as Thomas Wiloch’s ongoing Codes and Chaos series, round out the issue.