PhotoStatic 41: January 1993

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1993 AA. VV. /

Back from the Art Strike 1990-1993

This issue marks the return of the PhotoStatic title after a three-year absence in support of a project of the Neoists called Art Strike 1990-1993. An explanation of the reasons behind this collective action would be too long to go into here. To find out more, visit the YAWN site, a nearly exhaustive repository of Art Strike material.

The Art Strike had a forceful impact on the PhotoStatic project. Up until 1989, PhotoStatic was a regularly-appearing periodical with a ‘Retrofuturism’ section. The force of the Art Strike made PhotoStatic splinter into a bewildering array of related titles. These include:

PhotoStatic Magazine
Retrofuturism (Quarterly)
YAWN: Sporadic Critique of Culture  + 
Bulletin of the Copyright Violation Squad  + 
The Expatriot  + 

All titles fit into the same continuum of pagination. Therefore all are recognized as a part of this site’s purview, and therefore accessible from it. These additional titles are treated here as supplemental materials, and can be accessed through the many plus-sign (+) anchors scattered throughout the site.