The Quiet Walk. Sonic Memories and Mobile Cartography

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2012 Alessandro Altavilla & Atau Tanaka / 9th Sound and Computing Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

This paper presents The Quiet Walk, an interactive mo- bile artwork for sonic explorations of urban space. Thegoal of TQW is to find the “quietest place”. An interfaceon the mobile device directs the user to avoid noisy areasof the city, giving directions to find quiet zones. Datacollected by the system generates a geo-acoustic map of the city that facilitates the personal recollection of sonicmemories. The system is comprised of 3 components: asmartphone running a custom application based on libpdand openFrameworks, a web server collecting the GPSand acoustical data, and computer in an exhibition spacedisplaying a visualisation of the sound map. This open-ended platform opens up possibilities of mobile digitalsignal processing, not only for sound art related artworks but also as a platform for data-soundscape compositionsand mobile, digital explorations in acoustic ecology studies.

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