Some theses on militant sound investigation, or, listening for a change

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2008 Ultra-Red / 2008 Convention Protests, Movement and Movements

The members of Ultra-red submit the following text as a preliminary statement toward a praxis of what we have termed, militant sound investigation. In a desire to put into circulation a collection of ideas, the text asks that we think rigorously about organizing rather than rushing headlong into activism with its predetermined end-points and self-righteous festivals. In asserting the priority of organizing, Ultra-red herein – as so often over the years – invokes the procedures of thematic investigation developed by Paulo Freire. Additionally, we wish also to acknowledge the more recent interventions into a praxis of research militancy by collectives such as Precarias de la Deriva and Colectivo Situaciones. Contributing to a dialog already advanced by these agents past and present, Ultra-red offer these theses for militant sound investigation for testing in the crucible of practice and reflection; the pillars of our constitutive utopias.

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