PhotoStatic 3: December 1983

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1983 AA. VV. /

ReCircular Seeing

Not long into the project, at one year and counting, PhotoStatic undertook a series of re-issues to replace titles as they went out of print. In doing so, the editor would usually take the opportunity to add images and move them around, and the master layouts were always adjusted to improve the quality of the final prints. The current title was re-issued as no. 3.14 (understand the notation to show that the re-issue of no. 3 came chronologically after the regular issue no. 14). For consistency’s sake, these electronic versions closely follow the versions created for the re-issue series, banishing the technical and other flaws that blemished the initial printing.

This issue largely consists of works that hew more or less closely to the Iowa City community, where the editor lived while piecing it together. Major pieces were also contributed by Miekal And and Elizabeth Was, then living in Madison, Wisconsin.