PhotoStatic 6: June 1984

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1984 AA. VV. /

What Now? Issue

This issue represents the end of our most primitive phase of production, reflected in the xerographic pasteup and a simplistic notion of what constitutes a “magazine” of page art. You can almost hear the fork-in-the-road thinking in the issue’s title — What Now? Should I continue putting out issues? Or should I mark the experiment “finished” and move onto something else? The choice finally made should be obvious.

The works collected here go a bit farther afield than in previous issues, as evidenced by a pair of experimental polaroids, as well as pages documenting two sound-collage experiments by (then-) future members of the Tape-beatles: a cut-up and re-arranged flexi-disc (done in complete ignorance of Christian Marclay), and a weaving of recorded audio tape, meant to be played with a free-moving tape head.