Rivets + Denizens::Introduction. A curation of curating. A collaboration exploring collaboration. A collision of histories and personalities.

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2002 Ron Goldin / Switch Journal, Collaborative curatorial models in theory and practice

Rivets+Denizens is an investigation and case study of collaboration strategies that are being explored by artists and curators. The title of the show suggests two different breeds of collaborator: a rivet, who is an integral, functional part of the structure it resides in, and a denizen, who lives on a collaborative structure as an inhabitant. A Rivet is more deeply set in the architecture of the system, providing a greater personal investment in the collaboration at the cost of sacrificing a panaromic view of its own inhabitance. A Denizen remains outside the structure, detached, still maintaining a distinction between the self and the system. A Denizen has a more defined blueprint of the terrain, but maintains a greater distance from the intimate relationship amongst Rivets.