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With all of the angst currently going on in the USA and the world, attention must also be brought to the people of Lego Land. Lego Land has one of the smallest per-capita incomes on earth. Lego Land people are practically slaves. When building structures, the smallest part that they must lift is larger than 2 of their hands. That is practically like a human having to lift a cynder block. Lego peop le are treated in-humanely and we must put a stop to this!!! We are looking for photos of these conditions. Please upload any photos you have!!! PLEASE SUPPORT!!!!

We will take any donations from supporters. Lego donations would be gladly taken. If you wish to make a Lego donation, please contact us by messaging us through our Facebook page.

We also would like to thank the hundreds who have already donated to our cause, whether it be through cash donations to buy all the Legos, or through Lego donations. You are the ones who have brought this page from just 9 mini-figures back on October 9th, 2011. Thank you to all of you for your support!

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